Do your students always get excited when the moon looks extra bright? Or, do they get excited whenever the sun rises and sets with beautiful colors? I know mine do! Honestly, they are so fascinated to learn about anything dealing with astronomy. They love talking about planets, the stars, and special events occurring in space that we can see on Earth. So, these aspects always create lessons where students are eager to learn more! Thankfully, the Astronomy Doodle & Write and Astronomy Activity Bundle are ready to take learning to a deeper level! Students will love all of these activities while learning about one of their favorite topics. 

Astronomy Doodle & Write

Students love to draw. They also love to learn all about space. Thankfully, this resource combines the two! 

There are 4 fun and engaging Doodle and Write graphic organizers. Each one allows students to learn and review important astronomy terms and topics. For instance, they learn about the inner planets and outer planets. Additionally, they learn about galaxies, nebulas, asteroids, stars, red giants, supergiants, white dwarfs, light years, comets, and meteors! 

Students have visuals showing their astronomy topic on each doodle page. Additionally, they fill in notes and can draw their own visuals. Students always have so much fun adding color and doodles to their notes! 

Astronomy Activity Bundle 

Once students begin learning about astronomy, they will want more! Honestly, astronomy is so exciting to learn about! Thankfully, this bundle helps teach all about space and the solar system. 

Students will learn about the solar system through 5 different resources. This helps ensure there are a variety of learning activities to guarantee students learn in engaging formats. For example, there is a doodle and write activity for the universe. Additionally, there is a flip book over the planets. These are fantastic ways to increase engagement and focus! Additionally, they will learn about the sun through a graphic organizer. They will even learn about the moon's phases, tides, and eclipses through an interactive notebook. On top of this, there is a fun and creative cookie activity for the moon's phases! 

All of these activities are open to easy differentiation. Teachers can decide what students complete and how much support they receive since they know their students best. 

Honestly, this bundle has so many incredible astronomy activities! Students will love learning how fascinating the solar system is with these lessons.

Astronomy is such a fun topic to teach! Students are engaged and eager to learn more. However, even your most hesitant learners will love soaring off to space with these resources. So, teachers do not have to worry about behavior issues or handling any drama. Instead, they can focus on learning, discussing, and enjoying every moment of teaching astronomy lessons. Thankfully, the Astronomy Doodle & Write and Astronomy Activity Bundle are ready to make prepping for these lessons simple and stress-free!  

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