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 No teacher likes to hear students groan about certain activities. Unfortunately, this is often the reaction when students find out they are beginning a poetry unit. However, this does not have to be the reaction! Poetry activities can be really fun. Students just need to experience this excitement to change their perspective on poetry. Thankfully, the Poetry Activity Bundle will be the resource to do this! There are tons of exciting activities that students love working on. 

Poetry Activity Bundle 

Honestly, students can feel so inspired when reading and writing poetry! Many times, they just need poetry activities that relate to their interests. Thankfully, this bundle has the perfect activities for middle and high school students. 

One of the activities allows students to complain about their pet peeves in a poem! Students love to do this! They will include similes to build connections with their pet peeve as an added element. Similarly, students will write a poem using imagery. It is so fun to see what students use as their topic. 

Students will also write a poem about their life in 30 words. While this is challenging, they love tackling this assignment! Also, students will use music lyrics that best exemplify the idea of a hero as an example of poetry. They will love having a teacher who cares about their interests!  

For more poetry activities, there is a laughing with limerick assignment. These are always so much fun to read! Students will also write a poem about a view out of a window. Students become so insightful in this activity! They will even compare prose to poetry using newspapers. 

Since figurative language is essential to know, there is a poetry poster project to review. There is even a reference sheet for guidance. 

Best of all, these amazing poetry activities include lesson plans, full assignment sheets, brainstorming graphic organizers, rubrics, and more! 

ELA Bundle

Honestly, there are so many standards in ELA! It can be overwhelming to think about how much there is to teach in one year. Thankfully, this bundle includes everything teachers need for writing, novel studies, and poetry instruction! 

The writing activities include all templates, rubrics, and mentor texts needed to teach writing! This applies to narrative, expository, persuasive, descriptive, and creative writing. Additionally, all of the activities are easy to differentiate. Teachers can select which activities to use based on students' writing levels.

Poetry often seems boring to students. Thankfully, that will all change with these activities. Students will practice poetry analysis, identify themes, use figurative language, and write poems. These are ones based on many of their interests, such as pet peeves, hero music, and imagery. It will feel so refreshing to have students excited about poetry activities! 

In middle school and high school, students often say goodbye to textbooks and hello to novels! While this is the perfect way to show students reading is fun, it takes hours to plan a novel study. Thankfully, the novel study pack works with ANY novel! There are novel projects, character studies, reading journals, literature circle resources, and novel chapter responses. There is even a book review activity. 

ELA should be a fun and exciting class! There are so many ways to teach all of the standards, which means teachers love to incorporate student interests. Thankfully, the
Poetry Activity Bundle and ELA Bundle will help show students how much fun learning is. The poetry activities, writing resources, and novel study will help create activities students always remember! 

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