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 I know what you’re thinking- back to school activities already!? Believe it or not, some return to school in early August, while others have a few extra weeks. No matter when teachers head back, there is always so much to prepare! Some of the most challenging activities to plan are the ones students complete in the first few days of school. Honestly, there is so much pressure to plan the perfect back to school activities since this helps set the tone for the year. Thankfully, I’ve got the perfect options for your classroom! 

Back to School Activities for Middle and High School

Honestly, planning activities for middle and high school students can be stressful. They all have different interests to incorporate. Thankfully, these 20 engaging and educational literacy activities mean there is something for everyone. Best of all, they all help get to know students’ personalities and a sense of their writing and language skills at the same time! 

Activities include a fun student survey, would you rather questions, a poetry writing activity, and various writing prompts. Additionally, there is a Movie Madness activity where students transform their favorite memories into a film strip and a Personal Logo activity. On top of this, there are tons of activities that have students describe their lives, interests, and ideas for a perfect school year. 

If you prefer digital options, check out Digital Back to School Activities! Whether working on paper or the computer, students will love having a teacher who cares about their interests. 

My Life in 30 Words Poetry Activity 

Each year, teachers get to know a new group of students. This includes what they like to do, their favorite food, and their learning struggles. Honestly, teachers want to know everything they can to support students in every way possible. Thankfully, this back to school poetry assignment helps do exactly that! 

This autobiographical poem allows students to share who they are in exactly 30 words! While this is a challenge, students have so much fun with it. 

There is a detailed assignment sheet, a brainstorming sheet, and examples to ensure the year begins smoothly. There is even a template to help students with their 30 words. Students will love showing their teacher and classmates who they are. 

Get to Know You & Goal Setting Activities 

Middle and high school students are at the perfect age to set goals for themselves. So, this is the ideal way to connect with students and set goals for the new school year! 

Specifically, there are 18 graphic organizers and writing prompts that create the perfect “get to know you” activities. This includes Top 10 Lists, goal setting, and so much more! Thankfully, these back to school activities help teachers quickly assess writing levels. Teachers will learn their students' interests while seeing where to begin their instruction with these activities! 

Soundtrack of My Life

When it comes time for students to work on back to school activities, some are less than thrilled to be back. Many times, it takes fun and exciting activities to help them warm up to a new year. Thankfully, this activity will be sure to do that! 

Students love music! Honestly, they would listen all day if they could. So, this activity combines back to school poetry with music. Students will create a soundtrack of their life or summer to help show who they are and connect with others. There are brainstorming sheets and templates to help guide students. 

Students experience so many emotions during back to school season. While some are excited to be back, others are not. Additionally, many are nervous about the new grade level and the changes that it presents. Thankfully, these back to school activities will help ensure students are excited and relaxed about the new school year! 

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