Halloween Activities

 No matter the age of the students, Halloween is so exciting! Whether dressing up to collect candy or working in a haunted house, so much fun is going on. However, this also means it can be hard to keep students focused. They want to discuss their celebrations and plan everything with friends. Honestly, this can make teaching in October a frustrating month. It doesn’t have to be, though! Creative Halloween activities can help students focus on learning while celebrating the holiday with classmates. Thankfully, there are fantastic Halloween activities to pick from! 

Halloween Bundle: Writing and Grammar 

When working on writing, it is crucial to incorporate grammar skills. This allows students to see the focus elements in action and apply their learning. Thankfully, this bundle allows students to do exactly this! 

Specifically, there are 6 fun and creative Halloween writing, poetry, and grammar activities. This will help ensure students stay engaged and learning throughout October! 

For instance, students will write a Halloween mystery using a unique story starter. Students will even develop a protagonist, antagonist, conflict, and more! Additionally, students will work on a fun interview with a vampire. Their report creates the funniest findings! Students will even work on parts of speech, task cards filled with Halloween activities, and figurative language. On top of this, there are activities where students use subway-style art for inspiration for a poem, haiku, short story, and more! 

Halloween Mystery Writing 

Students love all things spooky! So, this is the perfect way to create an engaging and fun assignment incorporating writing! 

This resource contains everything teachers need to support students in creating a mystery story! This includes brainstorming and planning guides, instruction sheets, and a short story planner. This will help ensure students have components of a plot diagram, including an introduction, rising action, and climax. 

Since creative writing can be challenging for students, there is even a “Dial-A-Mystery” template. This helps struggling writers or ones with writer’s block develop their mystery elements. Additionally, students can work together or individually to create the ultimate spooky mystery story!

Students will love when teachers incorporate academics with Halloween activities! 

Halloween Parts of Speech 

Honestly, learning the parts of speech is essential! Students will use this knowledge all throughout their lives, so they must have a strong understanding. Thankfully, this set of Halloween-themed worksheets creates a fun way to review this information! 

Students will have the Halloween-themed worksheets as they identify nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. Additionally, they will identify prepositions, pronouns, conjunctions, and interjections. Students will even further apply their knowledge by creating “scary” examples. 

Students will have so much fun working on these Halloween activities! October will be one of their favorite months in the classroom with all of these spooky and mysterious activities!

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