Earth Science Activities

 There is something special about teaching science to middle school students. They are at the age where they understand the planets and how some aspects of Earth happen. So, they are now eager to dive in deeper and learn more information. Thankfully, this means students will be focused and excited to participate while working on Earth Science activities! 

Moon Phases, Eclipses, and Tides 

The moon is fascinating to study! Honestly, every aspect of space is. Luckily, the multiple templates help teach and review phases of the moon. Additionally, there are templates for students to explore the differences between solar and lunar eclipses. Students will even discover how spring and neap tide work. 

To push thinking further, students will represent the position of the sun, moon, and earth during eclipses and tides. They will do this by cutting and pasting included pictures to represent the different positions. Thankfully, this extra manipulation allows students to truly push their knowledge to a deeper level of thinking! 

Rocks and Minerals 

These resources will help students learn and review minerals, the rock cycle, and different types of rocks! 

There are 5 products to ensure students explore these topics in-depth. This includes 4 different graphics organizers with review questions. There is even a fun assignment where students write a creative story from the perspective of a rock in the rock cycle! Additionally, there is a mineral identification activity and review games. 

Rocks Doodle & Write 

The rock cycle is always fun for students to learn about! It is fascinating how rocks transform over time. So, this interactive doodle graphic organizer is the perfect way to review or introduce the three types of rocks. 

Specifically, students will learn about igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. There are two detailed graphic organizers for students to add notes and doodles while learning about rocks. 

Students will love the creativity behind these notes! 

Astronomy Activity Bundle 

Once students begin moon lessons and activities, they will want more! Honestly, astronomy is so exciting to learn about! Thankfully, this bundle helps teach all about space and the solar system. 

Students will learn about the solar system through a doodle and write activity and a flip book. These are amazing ways to increase engagement and focus! Additionally, they will learn about the sun through a graphic organizer. They will even learn about the moon's phases, tides, and eclipses through an interactive notebook. There is even a fun cookie activity for the phases of the moon! 

Honestly, this bundle has so many incredible moon lessons and activities! Students will love learning how fascinating the solar system is with these lessons. 

It is so much fun teaching Earth Science activities! Since students have a connection with their planet, they are always eager and excited to learn how things work. Thankfully, these lessons will mean the classroom has so many engaged students focused on their learning! 

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Novel Study

 When reading a novel, teachers plan activities for many aspects. For instance, they must check comprehension. Additionally, they plan to teach, review, and assess many literary elements, such as main idea and characterization. On top of this, they incorporate vocabulary and figurative language. They even need to plan final projects to show student knowledge. So, planning for multiple novels is exhausting! Thankfully, a novel study with any novel is ready for ANY selection! 

Incorporating a novel study is an amazing way to include so many standards. Best of all, it shows the true joy of reading. However, students change each year, so what works one year may be different from the next. This means there is a ton of planning with a novel study! Thankfully, this bundle includes everything you need for ANY novel! 

Chapter Responses

When reading a novel, students need to understand it! So, teachers can use the graphic organizers provided to check for understanding. These are great alternatives to chapter questions. 


Projects are a fantastic way to dive deeper into a novel. Students can show their understanding beyond multiple choice or short answer questions on a test. Luckily, there are 8 final project options. Each project allows students to explain and expand on the novel in a fun and creative way. Since there are 8 options, there are projects ready for the year! 

Reading Circle/Literature Circle Graphic Guide 

Incorporating literature circles in the classroom can be challenging. Since there are multiple options, teachers have to know where every group is. Thankfully, all this tracking won’t be a problem anymore. These organizers allow teachers and students to track what they are reading. 

Reading Journal Graphic Organizers 

It is so important for students to reflect on their reading. So, these open-ended questions are perfect for a novel study with any novel! 

Character Study 

Students often build significant connections with characters. As additional support, this activity will lead students through writing a character sketch. After sketching it out, students can even use it to write a paragraph or full essay.

 Book Review 

When students finish a novel, they need to reflect. Thankfully, this easy-to-use template is the perfect way for them to write a book review! Teachers can even display the student work around the classroom. Honestly, this is an excellent way for all classmates to see what others are reading and be inspired to read more!

Looking for these amazing activities in a digital format? Well, you’re in luck! There is a 

Digital Novel Study Bundle! This includes all the same activities as the print bundle but is perfect for the computer!

ELA Bundle: Writing, Poetry, and Novel Study

There are so many standards in ELA! It can be overwhelming to think about how much there is to teach in one year. Thankfully, this bundle includes everything teachers need for writing, novel studies, and poetry instruction! 

The writing activities include all templates, rubrics, and mentor texts needed to teach writing! This applies to narrative, expository, persuasive, descriptive, and creative writing. Additionally, all of the activities are easy to differentiate. Teachers can select which activities to use based on students' writing levels. 

Poetry often seems boring to students. Thankfully, that will all change with these activities. Students will practice poetry analysis, identify themes, use figurative language, and write poems. These are ones based on many of their interests, such as pet peeves, hero music, and imagery. It will feel so refreshing to have students excited about poetry activities! 

In middle school and high school, students often say goodbye to textbooks and hello to novels! While this is the perfect way to show students reading is fun, it takes hours to plan a novel study. Thankfully, the novel study pack works with ANY novel! There are novel projects, character studies, reading journals, literature circle resources, and novel chapter responses. There is even a book review activity. 

While there are a lot of standards to teach in ELA, there are so many ways to teach them. Honestly, this is one of the neatest aspects of teaching this subject. However, it can also lead to a lot of planning when teachers are already short on time. Thankfully, the novel study and ELA bundle will ensure there are tons of fun, hands-on, interactive lessons with little planning! 

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