Novel Study with Any Novel

Honestly, middle school students are so lucky to have many incredible novels to pick from! Between ones that have been out for years to new releases, there are books on every topic. So, teachers often switch out novels every few years. Or, they allow students to pick which book to read in literature circles. While updating novels and allowing choice is terrific, planning for so many options can be stressful. Luckily, the Digital Novel Study Bundle solves this problem! Teachers can now ensure they have a great novel study with any novel! 

Digital Novel Study Bundle 

When reading a novel, teachers plan activities for many aspects. For instance, they must check comprehension. Additionally, they plan to teach, review, and assess many literary elements, such as main idea and characterization. On top of this, they incorporate vocabulary and figurative language. They even need to plan final projects to show student knowledge. So, planning for multiple novels is exhausting! Thankfully, a novel study with any novel is ready for any selection! 

Chapter Responses

When reading a novel, students need to understand it! So, teachers can use the graphic organizers provided to check for understanding. These are great alternatives to chapter questions. 


Honestly, projects are a fantastic way to dive deeper into a novel. Students can show their understanding beyond multiple choice or short answer questions on a test. Luckily, there are 8 final project options. Each project allows students to explain and expand on the novel in a fun and creative way. Since there are 8 options, there are projects ready for the year! 

Reading Circle/Literature Circle Graphic Guide 

Incorporating literature circles in the classroom can be challenging. Since there are multiple options, teachers must know where every group is. Thankfully, all this tracking won’t be a problem anymore. These organizers allow teachers and students to keep track of what they are reading. 

Reading Journal Graphic Organizers 

It is so essential for students to reflect on their reading. So, these open-ended questions are perfect for a novel study with any novel! 

Character Study 

Students often build significant connections with characters. As additional support, this activity will lead students through writing a character sketch. After sketching it out, students can even use it to write a paragraph or full essay. 

Book Review 

When students finish a novel, they need to reflect. Thankfully, this easy-to-use template is the perfect way for them to write a book review! Teachers can even display the student work around the classroom. Honestly, this is an excellent way for all classmates to see what others are reading and be inspired to read more!


The versatility is one of the best parts of the Digital Novel Study Bundle. On top of working for any novel, it is perfect for multiple formats. For instance, teachers can use it when working with a student on an independent novel study. Additionally, the resources are great for a whole-class novel or to use during reading/literature circles. 

In addition to multiple instructional formats, differentiation is easy with this bundle! All of the activities are quick to differentiate and use for various grade levels. So, teachers can use all these resources and tailor them to their classes. 

No matter how teachers and students read, the Digital Novel Study Bundle works for everyone! Honestly, students love working on all of the engaging activities during any novel study with any novel! Classrooms will be full of students who love to read and interact through discussion and collaboration. 

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Teaching Poetry

 While poems are beautiful, students do not necessarily enjoy reading them. Instead, they often find them boring and confusing. However, students have to learn different ways to read poems to gain strong interpretation skills. This means they may need to read the poem two or three times and look up unknown words. Additionally, it means they need to break down stanzas to understand the deeper meaning. Since this takes a lot of time and practice, there are many activities for teaching poetry. Thankfully, this will help with lesson planning and ensuring there are enjoyable activities for each student!

Out My Window Poetry Writing Activity FREEBIE

Poetry often involves imagery and figurative language. These are great ways to set the tone and allow readers to understand the words better. So, after analyzing these aspects, it is time for students to apply their skills to their writing! 

Students will write an original poem based on a view out of a window. This could be their bedroom window, a window at school, or a window they find a photo of online. Honestly, it can be a window anywhere! While they write, they will include imagery and figurative language to help set the tone for the poem. 

Since every classroom is different, there are print versions and a link to a digital version. 

Digital Poetry Activities 

This resource contains so much poetry inspiration! Honestly, students will be eager to embrace their poetic side after completing all of these fun, hands-on activities. Best of all, teaching poetry will be enjoyable as students are excited about lessons instead of groaning about reading poems. 

Poetry Writing: Students will analyze and read multiple poems. Then, they will apply the styles as they write their own. This includes poems about pet peeves filled with similes, imagery, and limericks. 

My Life in 30 Words: Students will love the challenge in this assignment. They write a poem about themselves, but it can only be 30 words! This will be tricky, so there are examples to help. 

Comparing Prose to Poetry: Students will learn about the difference between prose and poetry. To do this, they will use short newspaper articles as a prompt and write a poem based on the images and ideas. This can result in really moving poems! 

Hero Music: Students will be amazed at how poetry is a form of music! So, they will explore songs that exemplify the ideas of a hero. There are even suggestions for students to pick from. 

Digital Poetry Poster Review: Poetry contains so much figurative language. So, there is a fun review activity to practice similes, metaphors, hyperboles, onomatopoeia, rhyme, alliteration, and personification. 

Best of all, these activities are perfect for different ages and abilities! They even include lesson plans, brainstorming sheets, rubrics, and examples. 

ELA Bundle: Writing, Poetry, and Novel Study 

There are so many standards to teach in ELA. Thankfully, this bundle includes so many incredible resources for writing, novel studies, and poetry. It is perfect for any middle school or high school ELA teacher, with plenty of differentiation available. 

In total, there are 18 different activities and over 150 pages.

Writing Activities: There are templates, rubrics, and mentor texts for narrative, expository, persuasive, descriptive, and creative writing! There are plenty of options for easy differentiation. 

Poetry Activities: Teaching poetry is hard! Teachers must plan fun and engaging activities to show students poems are not dull. Thankfully, this resource includes many exciting lessons, such as pet peeve and hero music poetry. 

Novel Study: Honestly, novels are a fantastic way to show students how excellent books are. However, teachers also have to ensure they understand the meaning. So, this activity works for ANY novel! It has many creative projects, character studies, literature circle responses, and chapter responses. It even has a book review activity. 

Whether teaching poetry or novels, engagement is critical! When students are interested, they become invested in their learning. Thankfully, these fantastic activities will draw in even your most reluctant learners! 

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