Test Prep Ideas With Sticky Notes

Ugh... I know as a study I dreaded hearing the word "test"... especially if it was a math test!  I don't know how many nights I sat up with my dear old dad going over math equations... he was so patient with me (unfortunately I was never as patient with him!)  I know that many of my students face the same anxiety and stress that I did when it comes to testing.  Sooo... I'm so excited that Adrienne from The Tutor House blog has come up with a linky for Test Prep Tips! I think it's a topic that deserves so much more discussion and sharing among teachers... so be sure to check out the other bloggers who have linked up.
I think that much of my students' anxiety stems from poor test prep skills - they skim their notes or their textbook while watching tv, texting their friends or scanning facebook... and they don't focus entirely at the task at hand.   
I think today's kids are the ultimate multi-taskers - however, I don't think they're doing any of their tasks very well!

Here are a few ways that I use sticky notes during test prep with my students.

1.  I ask students to put a sticky note on the board with two questions they think I should include on the test. I always include several of the suggestions.

2.  Put a sticky note on the board with 1-2 topics you're still confused about.  I do this a few days before the test so that I have time to go over each question with the class.  I love the anonymity that this technique provides - I get a board full of questions but nobody had to put their hand up and admit what they are struggling with!

3.  I'll write a question or topic on the board and ask students to do a practice run with their answer on a sticky note.  I get to see how many students are on track or way off and I can focus my review work where I need to.  It's amazing how much information students can fit on a sticky note - so I can sometimes do 2-3 questions per sticky!

4.  I ask students to share a study strategy with a friend and post their technique on the board - I then discuss and share the ideas with the class.
I always get my sticky notes from the dollar store and try to have different colors and sizes on hand... the kids can pick and choose from a bucket of sticky notes at the front of the class.  Students respond well to these techniques and I love that nobody has to be embarrassed to admit that they are struggling or doesn't know an answer to a question.  Students also appreciate the opportunity to get some help several days before the test.

Here's a link to a test prep technique I use with sticky notes - you can download it FREE in my TpT Store.

Here's another TEST PREP idea I have for sale in my TpT shop - it's a poster set of Key Words used on tests.  

 I hope these ideas are helpful!

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