Exit Slips with Sticky Notes

I love to use sticky notes in my class and I have a big basket of different sizes and colors of sticky notes for my students to pick and choose from.  I tend to buy them at the dollar stores or anywhere I can find them on sale as I do know they can get expensive.

Here's a quick trick to use sticky notes as Exit Slips.  A few minutes before the end of the class I'll pass out a sticky note to each student and ask them a question.  They must post their responses (with their name) on the whiteboard on the way out.

Here are some of the questions I might ask:

- What were the two most important points in today's lesson / class?
- What are two questions you have about today's lesson?
- What stuck with you today as being important?
- What are two things you wonder / would like to learn more about?
- What were two big ideas from today's in-class video?

Here are some links to my other blog posts that involved sticky notes (did I mention that I love them!!)

 Happy Sticky Noting!

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