The Outsiders

 Picking a class novel is exhausting! Every student has different interests and passions. So, it will be hard for them to connect to the novel if they do not have similar interests as the characters. Thankfully, this will never be the case with The Outsiders! This iconic book has many situations that students can relate to, no matter what is happening in the world. Between the characters, rivalries, and understanding, this book is always a student favorite! Best of all, it is one students can talk about to their parents, which is so helpful during this tough age. Luckily, The Outsiders teaching resources ensure students love every aspect of reading and working on assignments! 

The Outsiders Novel Study 

A novel unit has to focus on many aspects. This includes analyzing literary elements, comprehension, understanding character actions, and making connections to life. Honestly, it can seem overwhelming when figuring out where to start. Thankfully, this unit has everything you need when teaching The Outsiders!

Specifically, students will respond to the events in the story through graphic organizers and analyze literary elements. Additionally, they will complete various projects, such as creating a newspaper and designing character sketches. They will even address teen issues, draw subway art, explain essential quotes, and work on final projects.

These activities encourage students to think critically, engage with the text, and explore the issues in the novel.

The Outsiders Character & Quote Posters 

If you’ve ever read The Outsiders, you know characters have powerful lines! So, this set includes classroom posters with all of the major characters. Additionally, each character has a poster describing key traits since it can be easy to confuse them initially. 

Specifically, there are posters about the Greasers and Socs in general and posters for specific Greasers and Socs. There is even a poster for the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” Students will truly understand what Johnny means when he tells Ponyboy to Stay Gold!

The Outsiders Character Analysis 

The Outsiders has some of the most memorable characters! This includes Darry’s undeniable love for his brothers and Dally’s fight for self-preservation. Honestly, The Outsiders has characters students will never forget! 

Thankfully, this set of graphic organizers helps students analyze each character. There are even multiple versions of the assignment. For instance, teachers may assign a paragraph character summary or a longer response essay. 

This resource uses the STEAL acronym to help students deeply focus on characters. Specifically, this includes their speech, thoughts, effect on others, actions, and looks. This is a great way to teach indirect characterization! 

The Outsiders Newspaper Project

This is such a fun project to explain the conflict between the Socs and the Greasers! 

Students will learn how to write a newspaper article with brainstorming guides. There are also different templates and a grading rubric. 

Students will love exploring the dynamics between these two groups! 

The Outsiders Digital Final Projects and Paper Final Projects 

It is imperative to spend time reflecting on a story after finishing it. So, this resource has four options for students to select from! Thankfully, students can complete a project in their preferred method to show their true understanding of The Outsiders novel

Specifically, three of the four projects involve a poster or artwork. Each project also includes a writing component since this is essential for students to practice. No matter which options students select, there is a handout to explain the project, planning pages, and an organizer sheet. 

Students love having the option to choose their final project! 

Honestly, there are not enough words to explain how amazing The Outsiders is! The characters, interactions, conflicts, and support excite students to read every page. Luckily, The Outsiders teaching resources ensure students practice many standards while reading a book they will always remember! 

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