Earth Science Activities

 There is something special about teaching science to middle school students. They are at the age where they understand the planets and how some aspects of Earth happen. So, they are now eager to dive in deeper and learn more information. Thankfully, this means students will be focused and excited to participate while working on Earth Science activities! 

Moon Phases, Eclipses, and Tides 

The moon is fascinating to study! Honestly, every aspect of space is. Luckily, the multiple templates help teach and review phases of the moon. Additionally, there are templates for students to explore the differences between solar and lunar eclipses. Students will even discover how spring and neap tide work. 

To push thinking further, students will represent the position of the sun, moon, and earth during eclipses and tides. They will do this by cutting and pasting included pictures to represent the different positions. Thankfully, this extra manipulation allows students to truly push their knowledge to a deeper level of thinking! 

Rocks and Minerals 

These resources will help students learn and review minerals, the rock cycle, and different types of rocks! 

There are 5 products to ensure students explore these topics in-depth. This includes 4 different graphics organizers with review questions. There is even a fun assignment where students write a creative story from the perspective of a rock in the rock cycle! Additionally, there is a mineral identification activity and review games. 

Rocks Doodle & Write 

The rock cycle is always fun for students to learn about! It is fascinating how rocks transform over time. So, this interactive doodle graphic organizer is the perfect way to review or introduce the three types of rocks. 

Specifically, students will learn about igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. There are two detailed graphic organizers for students to add notes and doodles while learning about rocks. 

Students will love the creativity behind these notes! 

Astronomy Activity Bundle 

Once students begin moon lessons and activities, they will want more! Honestly, astronomy is so exciting to learn about! Thankfully, this bundle helps teach all about space and the solar system. 

Students will learn about the solar system through a doodle and write activity and a flip book. These are amazing ways to increase engagement and focus! Additionally, they will learn about the sun through a graphic organizer. They will even learn about the moon's phases, tides, and eclipses through an interactive notebook. There is even a fun cookie activity for the phases of the moon! 

Honestly, this bundle has so many incredible moon lessons and activities! Students will love learning how fascinating the solar system is with these lessons. 

It is so much fun teaching Earth Science activities! Since students have a connection with their planet, they are always eager and excited to learn how things work. Thankfully, these lessons will mean the classroom has so many engaged students focused on their learning! 

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