Middle Ages

Many middle school and high school students say history is boring. Sadly, they do not realize how much the past impacts the present and future. However, this thought is often because they have yet to experience highly engaging and hands-on lessons. So, their opinions are often based on lectures and activities that do not allow them to express their thoughts. This will no longer be the case when learning about the Middle Ages! Between the Middle Ages Activity Bundle and the Personal Coat of Arms, students will be eager to begin class! These Middle Ages activities allow students to take charge of their learning, which they love! 

Middle Ages Activity Bundle 

Students often need various activities to fully understand a topic. Additionally, they like activities with different formats. So, they like to read, write, create, design, draw, and discuss. Thankfully, the Middle Ages activities in this bundle incorporate all the different learning style preferences. 

Specifically, 6 Middle Ages activities help students learn about crucial aspects of this time period. This includes the feudal system, heraldry, knights, daily life in medieval times, and more! 

Students will complete a Feudal society pyramid to represent the structure of the time period. Additionally, they will create their personal coat of arms, design a Middle Ages newspaper, and write about a monk or nun. Students will even make a knight's wanted poster and explore how people lived during the Middle Ages. Each assignment also includes an assignment sheet, needed templates, and a grading rubric. 

Since students love to be independent, they will access information through various sources. For instance, they can use their textbooks, the internet, or library books. Students love being able to find their research while working on these engaging activities! 

Personal Coat of Arms 

Students love pretending to be a knight living in the Middle Ages during this unit! Honestly, seeing how invested they become in their learning is so neat. So, one of the most popular Middle Ages activities among students involves designing their coat of arms. 

Students will design their coat based on their hobbies, personality, family, and items essential to their identity. There is also an included sheet with some common heraldic symbols, colors, and their traditional meanings. This is a great way for students to include specific time period aspects. Students love to show off their coat of arms and hang them around the classroom! 

Honestly, this is an amazing Middle Ages activity to draw interest from the start of the unit! It instantly builds excitement over what all students will learn. If teaching the Middle Ages at the beginning of the year, this is also the perfect get-to-know-you activity. 

There is an assignment sheet, brainstorming guide, paragraph worksheet, grading rubric, and templates to ensure everything goes smoothly. Students will love the clear instruction that allows them to start designing! 

The Middle Ages is such an exciting time period. Students love learning about knights, the empire, and the hierarchical system. Thankfully, the Middle Ages Activity Bundle and the Personal Coat of Arms ensure students learn all the crucial information in multiple formats! 

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