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There is no doubt about it- students love social media! Even though they follow certain people and try different trends, they do not realize the power of being online. They often don’t even realize how impactful the internet is even when working on a trendy dance or prank. This is exactly why students need to understand what media literacy is. While learning, they will probably wonder: Why is media literacy important? Thankfully, the Media Literacy Activities Bundle incorporates many standards while engaging students! 

Why is Media Literacy Important?

Middle school students often ask why they must learn about a particular topic. Honestly, if they do not understand this, they do not put their full effort and focus forward. So, it is helpful to address this even before a unit begins! 

Whether providing the answer upfront or waiting until students ask, it is crucial to have a solid response together. This helps students understand the importance! So, when answering why media literacy is important, there are a few reasons to address. This includes the fact that the internet allows students to critically analyze the various media and influencers encountered. Truthfully, this aspect will enable students to know what and who they can and cannot trust. Additionally, media literacy allows students to decipher different messages and symbols encountered on the internet. Students can then make decisions for themselves, engage with others, and understand that everything has multiple sides. Ultimately, media literacy allows students to access, analyze, and evaluate media sources. 

Media Literacy Activities Bundle 

This bundle includes many activities to engage your students while learning about media literacy. Best of all, the 6 resources and activities allow students to have a hands-on process in their learning. Due to this, some of the best classroom discussions and collaboration often stem from these activities. 

Advertising Techniques

Students will learn 10 common advertising strategies. Then, they will apply their knowledge to create an ad and justify their work. Students will love exploring all the ads their classroom creates! 

Social Media Use

Students spend hours on social media! So, this activity is a great way to build awareness. Additionally, they will discuss the influence media has on today’s teens. Students will even better understand how their behavior adapts to what they see online.

Advertising Analysis

This fun and engaging activity allows students to review advertisers' strategies to persuade people to buy their products. Honestly, the discussion during this activity is impressive over which products students purchase based on social media. Then, students will select an ad and analyze the advertising techniques used. 

Advertising and Media Writing Prompts

Students will love learning about media literacy. So, these 34 critical thinking questions are great for discussion, writing prompts, and journaling. 

Advertising Slogans

When working on writing, students understand the importance of a hook to draw readers in. This is why the Media Literacy Activities Bundle shows students the same is true for social media! Students will explore advertising slogans and icons to create poems. This is an excellent way to tie in persuasive writing! 

Political Cartoon Analysis

Honestly, many students have a social media addiction. However, they often do not realize it. So, this activity uses political cartoons themed around social media attention. Students will analyze them for their message and effectiveness. The discussion during this activity is always insightful! 

Social media is a huge factor in students' lives. They spend hours watching videos, surfing the Internet, and interacting through different outlets. Due to this, students must understand the power of media. Thankfully, the Media Literacy Activities Bundle helps them see how powerful influencers and ads are. After this unit, students will be much more aware of why media literacy is crucial to understand! 

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