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When students read a novel, there are many aspects to consider. For instance, students have to examine character growth, conflict, setting, and themes. However, teachers must incorporate a good blend between reading and analyzing the pages. If they do not, students can become bored and lose sight of how amazing books are. Thankfully, there are reading response guides that offer tools for students to analyze novels while becoming invested in the plot! 

Novel Study for ANY Novel 

There are so many fantastic novels for teachers to pick from! While this is a great problem, it also makes planning challenging. So much work goes into each novel, whether using it as a whole-class book or small group. Thankfully, this resource works for ANY novel!

Specifically, there are 10 slides for students to analyze ANY chapter from ANY novel! Each graphic organizer and question set allows students to explore various aspects, such as character growth, favorite scenes, and plot tracking. Additionally, there are two blank organizers and a list of 22 additional questions. 

Students will love reading and working on these graphic organizers! 

Novel Study: Reading Response Organizers 

This resource creates the perfect way to help structure and organize student reading groups. Honestly, this makes the ideal way to hold each group accountable. 

Students will work in a reading circle and then complete their assigned activities. This includes writing summaries, discussing comprehension questions, and recording their thoughts and ideas. 

Thankfully, this helps teachers manage multiple small groups who are reading different novels! The same activity works for every book!

To Kill A Mockingbird Reading Response 

Honestly, this is a book readers do not forget. The story of Scout, Jem, and Dill has so many adventures while exploring the Radley House. To help students build connections and follow the storyline, this reading response set is perfect for ANY chapter! 

Specifically, there are 9 graphic organizers for students to review characters, setting, plot, and other literary elements. There are even chapter response questions. Students will love working on these organizers while enjoying this book. 

Of Mice & Men Reading Response 

This reading response set adds a fresh twist to this classic novel! Instead of chapter questions, there are character and timeline charts to track the story. Additionally, there are graphic organizers and chapter response questions. Students will love following the journey of Lenny and George with these graphic organizers! 

The Outsiders Reading Response 

This is a powerful book every year students read it! While S.E. Hinton wrote it in 1967, it still resonates with students today. Additionally, they are always eager to go home and discuss it with their parents! This is a powerful way to help build conversation between teens and parents during challenging years. 

Instead of traditional chapter questions, these 8 graphic organizers allow students to demonstrate their understanding. There are various versions to fit all chapters. For instance, there are quick versions with few questions, whole pages for chapter analysis, and blank pages for open-ended responses. Each page focuses on the setting, characters, and other literary elements to ensure students understand the incredible story of Ponyboy and Johnny Cade! 

Reading novels is one of the most amazing parts of language arts. Students become immersed in the storylines and come to class eager to read. Thankfully, all the reading response sets above allow them to build comprehension. Additionally, they consistently practice literary elements in fun and exciting ways. Students will see the tremendous power behind novels with all of these activities! 

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