End of the Year - Calming the Chaos

The countdown is on for THE END OF THE YEAR and it still seems so far away!  I am in session until June 30th this year... I can do it... I can do it!!  Thrilled to be joining into this Calming the Chaos Blog Hop hosted by 2 Peas and a Dog!  Not only is there a great blog hop, but you can ENTER TO WIN A $60 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO TPT!!  (Contest is now over)

We've had some spectacular spring weather in Vancouver, Canada where I live and it's made my students much more "squirelly" than usual... the clear skies and beckoning city beaches make sitting in a classroom more challenging.

Here are a few fun and easy tips to help you make it through the chaos that always comes with the final weeks of the school year.

Ask for Feedback - I know this can be a scary thought... but I give my kids a chance to evaluate me and my teaching for the year with a quick survey.  I used to use a print version, but kids were hesitant to write things because I am so familiar with their writing.  Last year I used SurveyMonkey (free online survey tool) to get feedback... it was great! Kids loved the chance to go online and were more comfortable sharing their ideas anonymously.

Have Fun - Yup... it's true... it's the time of year when my students are stressed about final tests, graduation, final projects and more.  Take a few minutes to play a review game, watch a funny YouTube video, or just talk about summer plans.  My students LOVE to play Kahoot!  - it's free and students get to use their phones /devices!  What a blast we have!!

End of Year Literacy Activities - I often need quick, educational, and engaging activities for those awkward last few days of school... so I created a pack of ready to use activities for the end of the year! Click HERE to check it out!  Here's a sample page!


  1. Great tips! I can't wait to try kahoot with my students. Thanks.

  2. Kahoot is such a success, an easy way to maintain some educational value and engage kids. my students love it!!

  3. SurveyMonkey and Kahoot are both great! We have similar minds - I've used Google Forms and Quizlet Live in the past month. I will have to try Kahoot more. :)

  4. I love Kahoot! It is such an awesome and fun review tool! Have you checked out Quizizz yet? It's very similar to Kahoot but it lets students move at their own pace in answering the questions instead of having to wait for everyone to answer before moving on. Our students absolutely LOVE it!


    1. Oh thanks for the tip about Quizizz - I can't wait to check it out! Have a great end of the year!

  5. Kahoot really is great and I like the idea of the feedback being anonymous. I'm sure the students do too. :)


  6. Never underestimate the importance of fun in the classroom. Great post! :)


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