Holiday Resources - Tis The Season!

Thrilled to be joining up for the Tis The Season Blog Hop with an awesome group of secondary teachers!

How I Bring Meaning to the Season for My Students
Each year my school does a HUGE holiday food drive for our local Christmas Hamper Society.... and our students get so involved - it's truly amazing.  From organizing boxes for collections, jars for money, keep track of all of the donations and then getting it sorted and boxed up for delivery - the students do it all!  They truly learn that the best gift of all, is giving to others and their selfless acts touch 100s of families in our town.  The sense of accomplishment and the pride the students take in knowing they have made a family's Christmas special is amazing.

How I Bring the Meaning to the Season for My Family
My hubby and I try to think of a way to give back every year and it seems that Christmas time is the perfect time to do it.  This year we are taking some fruit / vegetables to a local animal shelter as they have 26 orphan bear cubs to feed - an unusually high number - and they're desperate for help!  We're also going to take my niece and nephew Christmas shopping for a toy to donate to the Christmas Hamper.... we'll let them pick out something for a child in our community and then take them with us when we drop it off.  It's something we all look forward to every year and it's important to us to show the younger generation the importance of giving to those less fortunate.

One Thing I'm Looking Forward to This Season
Getting out in the snow for some fun!  Last year we had very little snow on our local Vancouver mountains and we weren't able to enjoy snow shoeing or snowboarding like we usually do!  But we're off to a chilly snowy start and we are hopeful we can get up onto the slopes for some snowy fun!  Here's a picture of hubby and our dog snow shoeing at a local provincial park in 2014.

A Holiday Gift For You
Enjoy this fun and easy to use freebie! Perfect for January when we all have to go back to school.  It's a great time to set goals and resolutions for the year and it's an easy way to warm up students after some time off.  Just click the image below to grab a copy!

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  1. Orphan bear cubs? How cool is that? We do live worlds apart on our respective coasts. I love that you take your niece and nephew shopping for something to donate. Not only are you teaching them about the joy of giving, but they get to spend time with you too. May you have a snowy and relaxing holiday!

  2. That snow looks like so much fun, and I'm envious because we rarely get snow where I live! Before my life as a teacher, I was officially a "ski bum" and lived in the Colorado Rockies. Enjoy the winter weather and happy holidays!

  3. Love the ways you focus on meaning here Addie!

    Your inspiring ideas could also spark student-generated ideas for the way meaning comes to them and is passed along by them.

    Also love to read your cool ideas from one of my favorite parts of the world!

    Happy Holiday Season Addie! Ellen

  4. That is so sweet to donate food for bear cubs. I know they're bears and dangerous animals, but that sounds beyond cute!

  5. Thanks so much for your New Year gift! It's the perfect way to warm the students back up once we return from break! :)


  6. That snow and blue sky.... amazing! Thanks for joining us on the hop!

  7. Have fun on the slopes! Always love your work - thanks for the freebie!


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