Summer Fun - What This Teacher Does to RELAX

Thanks to ELA Buffet and Desktop Learning Adventures for hosting another great Secondary Smorgasboard Blog Hop - I always love reading everyone's posts!  

My Summer Plans!

We're Hittin' the Road - I happen to be married to the world's most organized man... he starts planning our summer adventures in the fall!  In fact this summer's vacation plans have been booked since early January!  He also does a ton of research into where we're going, what we can do, restaurants to check out... I basically pack my bags and just make sure I'm ready on time!  Our "big" trip this summer is to California - one of our favourite destinations!!  We're flying down and then driving Hwy 101 along the coast! Can't wait!! 

Vineyards of BC's Wine Region.

 We've also got some smaller weekend trips planned to some local get away spots along Vancouver's gorgeous coastline and a trip up to British Columbia's wine country for a little relaxing!  Here's a pic from the B&B we stayed at on our last trip there... views of the lake were wonderful!  We had a very relaxing week there biking, hiking and wine tasting - can't wait to go again.

Hiking, Biking, Adventuring - I'm so lucky to live in Vancouver! We're steps from the beach and a few minutes drive to the mountains... there's never nothing to do.  We love to hike and bike the Coast Mtns. and enjoy all that greater Vancouver has to offer. As well, the city has a fantastic sea wall that goes around the entire coastline for over 22km - and it's beautiful.  We separate lanes for walking and biking it's a buzz of activity... and I LOVE it!!  

English Bay, Vancouver, BC

Reading, Relaxing, Writing, Relaxing and Gardening - can't wait to catch up on some summer reading, create some new TpT products, plan for my classes next year,  and spend some time in the garden!  I'm also going to plunk myself on a beach, with a book, as often as I can!

What about you? What are your big summer plans?!


  1. Sounds like an amazing summer, Addie. I love your new avatar and the new look to your blog!

  2. Your summer sounds wonderful! I'd love to visit BC and Vancouver (it's a lot more exciting than Delaware!). I've never been to the west coast of Canada. It looks beautiful!

  3. I have to agree- you do live in an amazing place! I think Vancouver is one of my favorite cities! It's always fun to travel vicariously with you (and your travel agent hubby ;) ). Looking forward to more fun pics from this summer's adventures!

    I also agree with Jackie- love the new look on your blog!

  4. Yeah for your California trip. As a born and raised California girl, let me know if you need any must see destinations or restaurants or off the beaten path activities.

  5. My husband talks often of Vancouver - he visited before we were together and I think he'd enjoy returning with the family. :)

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

  6. It's've convinced me that I need to pack up and move the family to Vancouver. It looks incredible...and just think we can be neighbors and geek out about TpT together...and maybe I could convince your husband to plan a little vacation for our family...seriously, your summer looks like it's going to be amazing! Have fun!

  7. Sounds like a great adventure!
    I love Vancouver too! Also Victoria:). We're so lucky to live on the West Coast.
    Have fun!


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