Valentine's Day Book Review Activity

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My students love to share book titles with each other and I'm always amazed at how much they inspire each other to read.  All it takes sometimes is for one student to get excited about a book and before I know it, the entire class is desperate for a copy.  

In the last few years I've started developing seasonal book review templates and posting them in the classroom every few months.  In honor of Valentine's Day I've created a heart shaped template for students to write a "Short and Sweet" book review.  The emphasis is on having fun and writing a book review with their classmates as their audience.  I ask students to share their reviews with each other in small groups and then I post their reviews on a bulletin board in my class.  I will also do this in conjunction to a trip to the library so that students have the opportunity to sign out a book they may have just heard about through a review.

Click the image below to grab a free copy of the templates (one is lined and the other is unlined). No color printer required!

Happy Valentine's Day!
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  2. This is too cute!!! I found your blog via TBTS (I'm a new member)! Looks fantastic!



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