Poetic Earth Day Freebie!

Earth Day is on April 22nd and I've always found a way to make it part of my class regardless of the subject I am currently teaching. (I've taught everything from cooking & drama to science & ELA!) I also try to model good environmental practices with my students whenever possible and encourage them to think about their environmental footprint. My students all know I carpool, drink my coffee with a reusable mug & recycle (maybe a little obsessively - they love to watch me pick things out of the garbage and transfer them to the recycling bin!).  My senior students and I have had great conversations this year about the power we wield as consumers and the choices we make when we make a purchase.

Here's a free & engaging set of bookmarks to use with your students to celebrate Earth Day AND review poetry terms.  Sounds a bit weird when I see it in print... but it's an easy way to get students talking about Earth Day and practice using figurative language at the same time - after all it's National Poetry Month!  (Keep in mind I teach Science and ELA!)

These look great in black/white (I just ask students to add color) and if you can put them on cardstock they'll last a little longer.

My kids LOVE bookmarks (not sure why?) but they're always a hit. It's sooo exciting when I give them new ones to use.

Click on the image to grab a copy!

Here's a link to an earlier blog post with another Earth Day themed freebie! Click HERE.

Happy Earth Day!

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