LGBTQ+ Books for Teens - How to Promote Diversity In Your Library

An an ELA teacher I want my students to read books from as many perspectives as possible... I want all my students to feel represented and heard in my classroom.  As much as I may think I do a good job of this already, it's something I really want to focus on in the coming months and years... and it's something I know I can improve upon.

One of the first perspectives I wanted to highlight was literature with an LGBTQ+ focus... books with characters and issues that students struggling with the own sexual orientation or gender identity could relate to.  I also wanted to ensure that my students knew I was accepting of them all... no matter how they identify.  So, after seeing a post from The SuperHero Teacher on Instagram and reading her blog post on the Secondary English Coffee Shop Blog about building a diverse classroom library, I knew I had to make a display for my school library to promote acceptance and promote the literature.  I wanted to showcase some of my books, I wanted to show struggling students that I was an ally and I wanted to promote acceptance.

The students at school have been great - lots of really positive comments and a few quiet chats with students to pass on their gratitude.  AND... students have been borrowing the books!!

If you'd like to create your own display or your own library I'll link to a few of the items I used in the display and give you a list of some of the books I have in our library.
There are many versions of this poster available on-line for easy download.  I have it posted on the door of my room and in the display.  

The Genderbread Person is a fantastic resource from It's Pronounced Metrosexual - it's amazing visual to show students the vast spectrum of people.   Check out their website for more resources, links to books / articles and to download your own copy of this poster.  

The purple empathy poster in the middle is also available for download on the same website.

Here's a list of the books we have in our school library that feature an LGBTQ perspective.  Full disclosure - I have only read a few!  I'm slowly making my way through the list - would love to know if you have any favorites for me to add!!

You can also check out a list from AbeBooks and from Goodreads.   

I also love this poster available at TeachingTolerance.Org and the accompanying blog post - download a full version of the poster HERE.

For more resources and a comprehensive list of websites and organizations that promote lesson plans and tool kits for inclusion and acceptance check out 

I hope you find some inspiration in this blog post!


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  3. I would recommend "Gracefully Grayson" by Ami Polonski, "Symptoms of Being Human" by Jeff Garvin, and "The Art of Being Normal" by Lisa Williamson


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