Valentine's Day Freebie

Well... love it or hate, Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  Strange things happen in a middle-school on Valentine's Day.... and it seems that at some point in the day I find someone in tears. (Usually a girl... upset with a boy, who has quite likely forgotten or didn't understand that he should have done something to mark the occasion.)  Ah.... young love!!

Here's a Valentine's Day Freebie to start off the Valentine's Day Season.  A fun writing prompt, poetry starter, art project or just as classroom decor!  Click the image below to download a FREE copy!   

The FREE download includes a color version, a black/white version, lesson ideas and Valentine themed writing paper.

Ask students to write a haiku using just the pink words as inspiration, or start their story with a red word, identify the parts of speech for the black words, include a word in each color in their first sentence...  I've even asked students to create their own subway art with Valentine words that are important to them.
Have fun!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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