Super Secondary Labor Day Blog Hop - Back to School Ideas and More!

Looking for some no-prep ideas to help get you through the first few weeks of school??  Tammy from Teaching FSL is hosting a Blog Hop and Linky for easy-peasy resources to get your year off on the right foot!

I like to spend the first part of the year spending time getting to know my students - I think the value in the time spent making connections is so worth it by the end of the year.  Learning about each other is a great way to break down some of the barriers that exist between teachers and students and students and their peers.  Nothing like finding some common ground to set the stage for a good year!

One fun activity I like to do on the first day is to give each student a sticky note.  I ask them to write 1 question they have about the class, list 1 thing they'd like to learn and write 1 question they have for me.  It's all done anonymously and so they ask some really interesting things.  I ask them to stick them on the board and I spend time answering the questions and talking about our upcoming year.

Here is a fun and engaging resource for BTS in my TpT Store.  Targeted to Middle School / Junior High students these easy to use templates and activities will not only allow you to learn about your students' personalities but to also assess their skills at the start of the year!

I hope you have a fabulous year with your students!

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