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It's that time of year for thousands of Seniors across North America, it's one of the greatest rights of passages of our youth and a cause for celebration!  Grad parties, Senior Prom, Convocation... the list of events (and the subsequent need for a new outfit) is endless!

However, it's also an incredibly challenging time for families... first is the incredible cost.  I think some of our students will easily spend over $1000 by the time they've bought a dress, shoes, jewelery, flowers, limousine, hair, nails...  This can be a huge burden for some families to bear in today's economic climate.  

Secondly, there are all sorts of changes on the horizon... 
   - Perhaps an out of town college or university?
   - Living with a room mate for the first time?
   - Doing laundry for the first time?
   - Managing food and the infamous "Freshman 15"?
   - Dealing with a limited supply of money...
   - Learning the in's and out's of college...
   - Leaving old friends behind and making new ones..
I vividly remember being dropped off at University (it was a 5 hour trip from my home-town).  I was sooo excited to be starting life on my own, I had two great room mates (one of whom was a high-school friend), a car and money in my bank account!  But when the moment came to say goodbye to my mum and dad, the reality of what I was embarking on came crashing down.  I managed to maintain my cool (I was after all trying so desperately to prove that I could do this!) while I gave my parents a parting hug and a brave wave good bye.  It wasn't until they were gone, that the tears started...(made all the worse by the world's sappiest card given to me by my mum... something about mothers and daughters and growing up - it was soooo sappy, but I still have it!)

I'm pleased to say I survived all four years of my university career thanks to my very supportive parents, fantastic friends, awesome faculty and a small friendly university.  I managed to find my way in this world and have had several and amazing adventures working in various parts of North America before finally deciding to become a teacher.  A decision I've never regretted.

Sooo... where does this blog post go you may ask??  I'm curious to know what advice you received as a Senior as you graduated from high-school.  What do you remember most about that time in your life? What did someone tell you that helped you get on your way?  

Here are two that stick in my mind:

- High school is fun, but life only gets better from here on...
- Take every opportunity that comes your way... no matter how small, it may lead to bigger and better things.

I'd love to hear your thoughts below... 


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